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Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission releases DSM report

On August 15, the IURC submitted a report on Indiana’s Core and Core Plus Energy Efficiency Program benefits, costs and savings to the Indiana General Assembly. The report was prepared by the Energy Center from data provided by Indiana utilities and the State Utility Forecasting Group. The IURC's final report can be found here.

BECCsters talk about behavior impacts

The MadCity BECCsters explored measurement and evaluation of behavior change efforts at their mid-summer meeting on July 30. Four local experts shared their insights. Whether you are designing, running, overseeing, or researching behavior change, this discussion is for you. Read more about our group and watch the video on-demand.

Wisconsin utility companies take aim against solar power

Solar is not the sole potential threat to utility companies, says Steve Kihm, principal and chief economist for the Energy Center. Someday, consumers may also have small, natural gas turbines in their basements. Kihm suggests utilities might take a lesson from cable TV companies and offer a one-stop shop of products. See full story in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Improved practices to capture greater energy savings

The Energy Center is conducting a study for the Minnesota Department of Commerce to provide insight and tools to increase the effectiveness of utility efficiency programs to properly install and maintain heating and cooling equipment in Minnesota homes. The project includes both market research and a field study. Read more.

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