Influence stakeholders to make deep energy savings in buildings
a critical environmental strategy.
Make a bigger impact with defensible data grounded in
realistic human factors.
Develop the capacity of market providers to increase
savings on successive projects.
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Construction contracts incorporate energy performance

Adam McMillen will join Paul Torcellini of NREL and Boyd Black from the University of Chicago, at Greening the Heartland to share a variation on traditional design-build procurement and delivery that has proven effective in achieving building energy-performance goals. Learn more.

Predicting climate change impacts

Doug Ahl will speak at the ASERTTI Fall Meeting about an Energy Center project that used a modeling framework to examine the impacts of future climate variability on energy consumption, peak demand and costs at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi.

NASA project featured in the ASHRAE Journal

Read about the Energy Center’s NASA project in the September 2014 issue of the ASHRAE Journal.

Chicago luxury apartments achieve LEED Gold

Attesting to the demand for sustainability in the upscale housing market, 500 Lake Shore Drive received LEED Gold certification. The developers worked with the Energy Center on ComEd’s incentive program. Don Biernacki, with Related Midwest, believes the partnership led to creative thinking on the project. Read about it in the fall issue of Sustainable Chicago.

Named to national advisory group on utility regulation

Steve Kihm has been named to LBNL’s advisory group for a series of concept papers on future electric utility regulation. Steve joins experts from across the country, including Audrey Zibelman, chair of the New York State Public Service Commission; Jan Beecher, director of Michigan State’s Institute of Public Utilities; and Ralph Cavanagh, director at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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