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Leading the future of green building

Marge Anderson, executive vice-president, begins her three-year team as chair of the USGBC Board on Jan. 1. “We are prepared to champion the inclusion of sustainable design and construction across industries, on large and small scales, in public and private spaces,” Anderson said in a press release. Read more.

Bioenergy potential explored at Jan. 22 panel

A panel at the M-WERC open meeting in Milwaukee will discuss use of organic waste streams to produce electricity and thermal energy. The meeting includes a tour of the Potawatomi’s new bio-digester facility. Learn more.

Part of the net zero Walgreens team

With the help of sophisticated energy modeling, Illinois-based Walgreens found the solution to its net-zero formula by integrating two pieces of the energy use pie. Read the article in Net Zero Buildings.

Happy 25th! We couldn't have done it without you.

You share our passion to reveal truths, inspire better results, preserve energy resources and create healthy places for people to live and work. For 25 years, you have helped us create lasting change. Visit our timeline.

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Better Buildings: Better Business Conference > Feb 26-27 (Illinois) or Mar 11-13 (Wisconsin) 2015 Better Buildings: Better Business Conferences

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